S05E7: Saagar (1985) - Top 10 Love Triangles

Saagar is a 1985 Indian drama film directed by Ramesh Sippy, starring Rishi Kapoor, Kamal Haasan and Dimple Kapadia. Raja(Kamla Haasan), a fisherman is secretly in love with Mona(Dimple Kapadia). When wealthy Ravi(Rishi Kapoor) comes to live with his grandmother, Kamladevi, he sees Mona and falls in love with her. Mona also reciprocates his love. Raja is devastated by this turn of events. But when Kamladevi gets to know that Ravi is seeing Mona, she puts pressure on Mona to give up Ravi and marry someone else.(Source:ImdB) You can listen and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes / Stitcher / TuneIn or on YouTube. You can also listen to this episode right here on this player below.

Podcast Episode Summary:
  • We talk about Dimple's hair and her comeback after her marriage
  • We wonder if this rain song was one of the first sexy rain songs in Hindi movies
  • We talk about "quintessential-y hindi movie" this was


This movie put such a big smile on my face - Tanvi

That is what they have reduced Goa to ..now - Flo

I loved SPB's voice on Kamla Hassan as well - Tanvi

The whole movies as a package was good - Flo