S03E1: Kanoon(1960) - Top 10 Suspense/Thriller

Kanoon is a Hindi film directed by B.R. Chopra. The film stars Rajendra Kumar, Nanda, Ashok Kumar, Mehmood, Shashikala, Jeevan and Om Prakash. The film presents a case against capital punishment, arguing that their consequent inadvertently tendered false testimony may lead someone wrongly to the gallows. You can listen and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes / Stitcher / TuneIn or on YouTube. You can also listen to this episode right here on this player below.

 Podcast Episode Summary:

  • We talk about Ashok Kumar's swag
  •  We talk about Nostalgia and more specifically to Radio voice
  •  We talk about the amazing fusion ballet performance


Even back then..there was a market for both types of movies - Flo

What do you think our current movies are reflecting now about our society? - Tanvi 

Maybe that's why we love podcasts so much because that reminds us of radio - Flo

Some names get left behind when people talk about older actor - Tanvi

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