S01E7: Quintessential Hindi Movie - Maine Pyar Kiya

Maine Pyar Kiya - Directed by Sooraj Barjatya and starring Salman Khan and Bhagyashree, Maine Pyar Kiya is as quintessential as it gets when it comes to 80's-90's Hindi Cinema. So, it was a delight to talk about the gorgeous 90's Salman Khan, his leather jacket and Rajshri Production's choice to repeat the wardrobe in their movies.

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Podcast Episode Summary:

• Bhagyashree's wardrobe and makeup was blah, but we loved the floral kurti she wore

•We discuss about the nameless dancers on the title track and wonder if anyone knows what their names are

•We talk about ageism in the movies and how the age difference between Reema Lagoo who played Salman Khan's mother and Salman Khan is only seven years

• We discuss how all the main leads on Sooraj Barjatya's movies are named Prem and discuss how the character reflects the director himself


"We felt weak in our knees looking at the young Salman Khan"- Tanvi

"Repeating clothes in the movies give some semblance of reality to the movies" -Flo

" Reema Lagoo portrays the strong Indian mother so well" -Tanvi

"Between Reema Lagoo and Salman Khan, there was just a seven year age difference" - Flo

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