S01E4: Quintessential Hindi Movie - Love Story

Love Story - The movie that probably made the word "Heart throb" familiar to India in 1981. Directed by Rahul Rawail and introducing Kumar Gaurav and Vijeta Pandit, Love Story was the perfect launch pad for these young actors. Join us as we talk about the cuteness that is Kumar Gaurav, Tumblr blog dedicated to Kumar Gaurav and of course, 2017's favorite word of India, Nepotism.

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Podcast Episode Summary:

• We talk about the gorgeous cabin in the movie

•We talk about Nepotism and wonder if it can be justified - sometimes.

• The perfect blogger dress. See here

• We wonder if this movie had one of the worst breakups ever

• We talk about the Tumblr blog that is dedicated to Kumar Gaurav


"In Hindi movies, you always feel like people are wearing a "costume" but in this smovie, Kumar Gaurav looks so natural wearing the clothes" - Flo

"The floral dress she wear in the song "yeh Ladki zara si" is such a blogger dress" - Tanvi

"You are way too logical for Hindi movies"  - Flo

"Cute people need to be seen by the world" - Tanvi

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