S01E02 - Quintessential Hindi Movie - Guide

The second movie on our list of Top 10 Quintessential Hindi movie series is none other than the classic, Guide - Directed by Vijay Anand and starring Dev Anand, Waheeda Rahman and Kishore Sahu. Join us as we talk about the gorgeous sarees of Waheeda Rahman, beautiful songs and Dev Anand's hug!

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Podcast Episode Summary:

• We talk about the snake dance (pic above)  and what happens when a classical dance is done right
PS: Google this dance on youtube and fall in love with Waheeda Rahman's grace

• We talk about Dev Anand's charm and his effortless acting

• We talk about how RK Narayan really felt about his book being remade into this movie

• We talk about how progressive this movie is and wonder if we have regressed as a society


"I would probably trip over" - Flo

"This is one of the songs I used to listen to as a teenager when I used to feel that no one understands me haha"- Tanvi

"I kept putting off watching this movie because I was thinking more of Amir Khan's Fanaa kind of guide with a tapori hindi accent"  -Flo

"Dilip Lumar and Raj Kapoor are great but Dev Anand has that X factor" - Tanvi

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