Introducing The Movie Wala Podcast

We are super excited to present to you ( *drumroll* and *shehnai* ) THE MOVIEWALA PODCAST!

Our very first season begins with us discussing our Top 10 Quintessential Hindi movies aka Bollywood movies. Tanvi is eye rolling at me right now, because I said "Bollywood".

We made a little trailer of sorts, for you to know a little more about who we are, what you can expect from this podcast and most importantly, how we came up with the name.

Hopefully, we have intrigued you enough to subscribe to us on iTunes or any of your favorite podcast apps.


  1. Congrats to you both on launching Moviewala! Love your chit chat.....Looking forward to being entertained and informed :)

  2. Reminiscences on native things in a foreign land have an unique flavour as Sambar made in US with American ingredients. Talking and writing about them make a quality literature. Do well. Consistently. All the best!


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